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This makes it look so easy, or how to make a garden from scratch: Part One

June 19th, 2011 § 1

Let’s take a trip back in time, way back to winter—March 25! That’s when I started the project that was to consume much of the next three months. Without further ado, a high-speed photo tutorial on How to Make a (Critterproof) Garden from Scratch:

Find a nice piece of land, preferably fairly level, and stake out your corners. If you’re a redneck like me you’ll already have big dead patches of pasture from where your junk trailers had been parked for the past year:


Next, borrow the services of a family member with a pretty sweet new ride-on tiller!


Once the ground is broken up, add peat moss, sand, compost. Till that in.


Decide the garden looks too small. Repeat above process to increase area by a third:IMG_1908Web

Final garden: 20′ x 36′. Looking good!


Work stops to wait out the final snow of the year on March 27.


When not working on the garden, get acquainted with brand-new, eight-week old Bonafide Farmdog:


Next up: Deeproofing! Set posts and string tensioned wires to support 7′ deer fencing:


Puppy raising takes time away from the garden and in the meantime, spring has sprung! On April 23, begin hanging deer fencing, a slow process when done alone. This is heavy-duty polypropylene that should last a good number of years:


Stay tuned for the rest of the garden build, including all the essential critter-thwarting tricks!

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  • [...] Carving a garden space out of a field was a major undertaking, and fencing and tilling and adding soil amendments and lining paths with landscape cloth took much of the fun out of the early garden season. But even with a late start I harvested my own food from May to late December, and for much of the summer ate only produce I grew. Plus, I gave bags of vegetables to coworkers, friends and family. Not bad for the first year out. [...]

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