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What was I just saying about wildlife?

August 6th, 2013 § 3

So at midnight tonight I lay down my magazine and got up to go to the bathroom. I was sitting on the toilet when I saw a mouse poke its head out from behind a basket in the corner of the room. You longtime readers know what that means: mouse rodeo!

Because I am a remarkably more ruthless rodent killer when I haven’t been just awoken from a dead sleep, I quickly scooped up my cat from where she was reclining, pasha-like, on the bed, and bounced her into the bathroom with a command to get to work, while I shut us both inside and stuffed a towel under the door. And then I picked up a foam flip-flop from A.T., a “career” clothing store much beloved by D.C.-area wonkettes.

My dog gets a lot of props on this blog, but tonight the cat got to shine. It took about two seconds for her to hone in on the mouse, and she drove it right into my path. One whack stunned it, but it jumped up and made for the back of the toilet. I changed weapons to a Brazilian beach-ready, much sturdier rubber flip-flop and struck again. The poor mouse quivered a bit and bled out on my floor, but died right next to the disinfecting wipes.


When I picked it up for disposal, I saw that a piece of the netting I use to keep the chickens out of the garden was stuck around its middle, grown into the flesh like a porpoise stuck in a plastic six-pack holder. For some reason that made me sad, and I can not tell you why.

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  • Chaucea says:

    Over the years, electronic mousetraps have been the most effective (and humane–quick death) way of dealing with these critters in our house. :-)

  • Sarah In Illinois says:

    I was cringing at your mouse post but I moved down a my skin crawled at your snake post! I have two cats out in the barn but I think their bellies are too big to catch any mice.

    However, my German Shepherd made me proud this weekend and sniffed out a mama opossum and her 4 babies. My boyfriend used a shotgun on the mama but my dog took care of the babies in a quick manner!

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