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Looking good in the garage

June 20th, 2013 § 1

Just want to report that both broody hens seem to have accepted their clutches. Despite dreaming Tuesday night that I awoke to find they had smashed all the eggs, everything was quiet when I opened the garage. Both hens are in the broody zombie state, and all looks good.

I forgot to mention a little ringer I threw into this project, just to keep it interesting. On Tuesday afternoon I met a lady at a gas station off Route 29 in Madison for a quick deal. She jumped out of a maroon minivan with a taped-over tail light as I pulled up behind the building. She handed me an egg carton containing six eggs, I forked over a $20, and lickety split, we separated and hit the road in different directions.

It was at its heart a true CraigsList deal. A few e-mails exchanged beforehand, a quick phone call, an arrangement to meet at a blessedly public place. My prize? Six Coronation Sussex hatching eggs.

Now, if you’re not familiar with the Coronation Sussex, allow me to introduce you:


(Photo from BJs Poultry)

Pretty chickens, huh?

The eggs I bought supposedly come from Greenfire Farms lines, and you can read all about them and see more photos here. However, as with any CraigsList deal, you can never know. They could be store-bought eggs pulled from the fridge minutes before flying out the door. And, as with the purchase of any hatching eggs, one is never guaranteed a success. Don’t count your chickens…

Regardless of these known unknowns, I figured I’d give it a try. I’m not in the business of maintaining any fancy chicken bloodlines, so if I get a couple of pretty birds out of the deal that’s good enough for me!

Oh, and a very exciting possible farm development is underway. On Saturday I am visiting a farm over the mountain to talk to a lady about some baby goats. To, you know…just…visit…


Stay tuned!

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  • Sitting here with my coffee and enjoying this post – then I get to the baby kids part and I’m beyond excited for you! I miss my goats (the three had of them had 5 kids – two sets of twins and a single). Kids are wonderful and they’re just as sweet all grown-up! Do you want dairy goats, pets or weed-control browsers? Whatever – you will love them. I had Boer (meat goats) but nobody was eating my goats! They were loved pets and browsers on their 6 acre pasture. Wish I could have them here but, alas, I think the condo board would frown upon that! ;-)

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