Bonafide Farm

Five-minute nature walk

February 27th, 2012 § 1

The morning of Feb. 20 I awoke to a brilliant blue sky and a perfect snow. In this strangely warm winter that’s seen the daffodils already bloom and noted scientists and plantspeople rue the fate of spring, I thought it might be my only chance for snow photos. So before work I headed out for a very quick circuit around the property.

IMG_8107WebThe silver maple is already budded out in red.



IMG_8137WebEntering the woods

IMG_8147AWebA black wolf cleared the trail.

IMG_8153WebEmerging from the woods

IMG_8166WebSleeping garden, working worms all warm under the white duvet

IMG_8167WebAnd back to the house! How lovely to do a five-minute nature walk—in my bathrobe and chore boots!

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