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Last night’s sunset from the new forest

October 25th, 2011 § 4

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It was a preview for the aurora spectacle, which I am so distressed to have missed! If I were still taking Tuck out for his late walk like before I got his invisible fence installed, I would have seen it!

If you’re into aurora photos, check this out. Did any of you see the light show?

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  • Deb says:

    Hi. Sorry. I too missed it. But, your plantings are beautiful! I am curious about your experience with the electric fence for Tucker. I have not installed one because I wasn’t sure they worked, or prevented other animals from entering the territory. What is your opinion? Does Tucker stay close anyway.. the English shadow thing?

  • Dianne says:

    Love the sunset over the forest!

  • Bonafide Farmer says:

    Hi, Deb! Tuck is doing really well with the fence. They definitely work and lots of people use them around here. It only took a couple of “accidental” shocks when he wandered too close to give him the idea. In fact, he was shocked in the woods while sniffing around and now seems to avoid the woods unless there are deer to chase. And he will chase them out of the perimeter and stop short without crossing the fence, which is a pretty good sign. I am very pleased with his progress. He does tend to stay pretty close and check in with me a lot, so that may contribute to our successful beginning. Of course I have not yet had him neutered so the real test will be whether he leaves the property in search of a mate.

    You are right that invisible fences won’t keep dangers out of a yard–which is why I will definitely work up to extended periods outside as Tuck shows more maturity and gains experience. Tuck’s breeder told me that where she lives (Ohio) coyote packs will lure intact males out of their yards and kill them. We have coyotes here that I hear but haven’t yet seen. But I am still wary and don’t leave Tuck out for long alone after dark.

  • Deb says:

    It is wise to be wary about leaving him out alone for long. Awful about those coyotes- I’ve heard them in the distance at night here in Michigan.

    Like Tucker, Star too will give chase, but the deer usually will not cross the property during the day- or they just sense that we are around and keep their distance. We are doing well with the boundary maintenance- unlike his sister,
    Beatrice, who is just 6 months gives me the adolescent eye as she challenges me by going her own way. I can’t let her out without the long rope to play and then I can catch her, otherwise…but Star is my good boy. Poor Bea is recovering from her day today with our veterinarian. She was spayed! I feel awful about it. She is doing ok and resting, but she is sleepy and sore- much more “femmy” than my athlete Star (Frisbees are him.) Star did well with the neutering, but I did feel guilty then too. Something about nature and wholeness, though in truth I am too old for raising more puppies! How about you?

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