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Philosophical question

October 1st, 2011 § 4

Is he truly a farm dog if I scrub the tractor grease off him?

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  • Dianne says:

    Of course he is! Our neighbors on the farm next door have two beautiful Great White Pyrenees that haven’t been white in a very long time. I want to give them a bath (just as I want to bathe my Boer goats) but the rainy season is beginning here now, so you know how much good that would do! It was just a wishful thought…

  • Mary says:

    A clean Farm Dog is still a Farm Dog ;-)

  • Bonafide Farmer says:

    Hi, Mary!

    I am happy to side with you on this one!

  • David says:

    Uhm, if you had a redneck farmer around, would you make him clean his grease off before coming in?

    Thought so…;-)

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