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Tucker. Of Bonafide Farm

April 17th, 2011 § 1


Please meet the latest addition to Bonafide Farm: Tucker.

Tucker is a registered English Shepherd, a breed of dogs known for three traits: guarding, hunting and herding—all things I need help with here. English Shepherds used to be abundant in America during more agrarian times. These old-time “farm collies,” known for their good judgment and devotion for their families and homesteads, became a rare breed when the AKC began encouraging dogs to be bred for looks in the show ring instead of their working ability.

Tucker comes from a long line of steadfast and accomplished farm dogs and shows great promise as my right farmhand. I found him online and then traveled to Columbus, Ohio to pick him up on March 20, when he was about eight weeks old. He will be thirteen weeks old tomorrow.

Since he arrived we’ve been getting to know each other, taking lots of long walks in the woods and pastures, attending puppy class, learning to be respectful of kitty and guineas, meeting friends, and settling in to a new routine. It’s been quite the experience for someone who has never raised a puppy until now, but we are having fun and the joy he takes in life is contagious. I am really enjoying watching as he grows in confidence and ability—simple things like him learning to walk up the porch stairs fill me with happiness and pride. And it is wonderful to have a dog about the farm. In fact, I can honestly say that he filled a hole I knew existed here and with his arrival things feel complete. One of my favorite sounds each day is the tag jingling on his collar as he walks around or flops on the floor for a nap, which he does a lot!

I am wary of turning this into a “blog about my dog,” but Tucker has managed to sneak his way into most of my recent photos, and he needs a proper introduction. Please welcome Tucker. Of Bonafide Farm.

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