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Just brushed the snow off my satellite dish…

January 26th, 2011 § 0

Quickly, before I lose my satellite internet connection again, I wanted to toss up this post about the intense snow we’re getting right now. What started as rain has switched over to a rapidly accumulating wet snow. The view off my porch now:


And less than an hour earlier. The speed with which the landscape is morphing before my eyes is incredible.


It’s so quiet out but for the sound of the wind, which is blowing the snow in horizontal billows. I just saw my neighbor skid past his driveway on his way home…he slowly backed up and made the turn. The hay in the field is weighed down, and I worry about my young trees. IMG_1060AWeb

And I can’t help but thinking about wet snow + high winds maybe = power outage. But no real worries: I have the woodstove burning hot and a gas range. Is there any better feeling than being tucked up warm and cozy next to a fire, with plenty of food and no place to go, while a blizzard rages outside? I think not.

I refilled my bird feeders and the little guys are going nuts. They don’t have the luxury of a woodstove, but at least they will not go hungry!



I am looking forward to what the morning will bring, and hope that you are safely enjoying the weather where ever you are.

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