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Gettin’ some trim

April 11th, 2010 § 0

I just realized that there’s been a fairly large development at the farm that I’ve yet to share. Drumroll please…and allow me to introduce…my new trim!


Now, it may not look like too much from these photos, but it’s done a lot to make the house start to feel like it may actually one day be finished. This trim took quite a lot of work to develop—and all the credit goes to my dad, who dad used this project to learn Google Sketchup, and he drew all the trim to scale and dimensioned. Then my builder mocked it up, but it still wasn’t sitting quite right with me. So I started shaving quarter inches off, masking them with blue tape to see the effect, and ended up with this. One more mockup later, and I think it’s perfect.






Some of the highlights include six-inch deep window sills. I am a plant collector and tea-mug rester and like using my windowsills as temporary end tables. These sills are great. And did you notice I now have doors too? These are solid core with a nice heft in the hand and they complement the Craftsman look I’m going for.

I just got home from spending six hours at the house with my parents sanding the edges off all the trim. Knocking off the edges, which was my brother’s suggestion when he visited yesterday, rids the trim of that “new house” look and makes it seem more “old.” Definitely an effect I am going for here. Plus, the paint adheres better and an edge that is not knife-sharp is more resilient against bumps and dings. Anyway, I hate sanding but its done and although I sanding off all my fingerprints in the process, it looks great.

Oh! I forgot to mention in my last post that the man who is fabricating my counters told me, upon visiting the house, that, “It looks like it grew there.” This is probably the highest complement anyone could pay me about the house, as I have worked so hard to respect the original home site in my design and execution.

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