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December 20th, 2009 § 0

Gone are the days of getting up and downstairs like this:


Check out the new stairs!

IMG_4119 Web


These stairs are a pretty good metaphor for my whole experience of buying/building this house. The first time I showed up to the site when it wasn’t much more than a few sticks of timber and had to climb up a wobbly ladder to get to the barely-built second floor, I was shaky and scared and almost couldn’t do it. But the more I forced myself up and down that ladder, the easier it became. And then the weekend before the stairs went in, I sailed right up the ladder holding an open can of paint in one hand and a camera bag in the other. Just walked right up and down as easily as if the ladder was already a staircase.

This project has forced me to learn and get comfortable with something new on an almost daily basis. The lessons have run the gamut from how to bush hog to how to run an HVAC duct to how not go crazy with the anxiety of managing a big project involving lots of people while also holding a demanding full-time job. If I can get through this, just think of what I can tackle for my next project!

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