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It’s electric!

December 2nd, 2009 § 0

What’s that electrifying development I hinted at a few weeks ago? Perhaps it’s best explained by what’s no longer there:


The Pole is gone! Remember what it used to look like, all gangly and awkward and festooned with overhead lines?


The Central Virginia Electric Co-op folks came out and plucked this unsightly necessity from my viewshed, dropped it back in the ground way up by the road, and laid underground wire to the house through that nice long trench you see at the base of the first photo. Not having the pole looming over the back corner of the house is a huge improvement and really classes up the joint. It is strange, but the backyard feels even more expansive now that it’s gone.

It also improves the view from the soon-to-be-screened back porch:


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